Author: jeph

Tung Shu-ting: The Culture and Taboo of Taiwanese Opera

Taiwanese Opera, a local theatre genre in Taiwan, has undergone different cultural impact in different eras, and has found a way to survive in the midst of these impact one after another. The constant change has nurtured a more diversified orientation and vitality! In this program, the focus will be on the transformation of the opera with the changes of the era, and how it has blossomed into a flower with a special flavor; In addition, the program will also share about the unspoken rules of the opera culture that cannot be violated.


Iris Chun-Tzu Chang and Liao Yu-Hsuan: We are presented with a totality, a world which speaks to us

We use the personal experience of reading excerpts from each other’s text as a medium, without knowing the source of the other’s files, to translate the reading experience of Taiwan in a partial-lockdown state during the pandemic through sound. Each episode is a two-part structure of mysteries, mixing and collaging the sounds of field audio recordings, mimicry, music and human narrative, retaining some ambient noise, a sense of roughness and occasional over-approximation, to recreate an imaginary sound born out of the pandemic from virtual to physical and back again.