Chen Siao-Chi: Witness Interview—Reviewing Legendary Performances

3 episodes and 1 live streaming

Participants: Chen Jun-Yu, Chen Yu-Chun, and Huang Xuan

“Masters are hidden among plain folks,” as the saying goes. Many legendary art performances in the world have been ignored by the groves of academe and rarely known to anyone. Did they really happen? Why mystery remains over them? What are their legacies? Driven by the spirit of exploration and focusing its review on the heterotopic otherworld, this program gives utterance to these legendary events so as to bring them back in the tangible world. The witnesses (or narrators) of these events are invited to share their experiences and make their remarks, with the aims of stretching the art scene’s imagination of live performance and directing due attention to the alternatively promoted or produced works.

Siao-Chi Chen

Siao-Chi Chen (a.k.a Archie) was born in 1990 in Taiwan. His passion for performance art is inspired by many types of sub-cultural music and dance. In 2008, he was enrolled in the Department of Drama of National Taiwan University of Arts, majoring in directing and performing. His work is based on his exploration of body, consciousness, and space, as well as his observations on social issues and human behavior patterns of everyday life.