Tung Shu-ting: The Culture and Taboo of Taiwanese Opera

Taiwanese Opera, a local theatre genre in Taiwan, has undergone different cultural impact in different eras, and has found a way to survive in the midst of these impact one after another. The constant change has nurtured a more diversified orientation and vitality! In this program, the focus will be on the transformation of the opera with the changes of the era, and how it has blossomed into a flower with a special flavor; In addition, the program will also share about the unspoken rules of the opera culture that cannot be violated. These taboos, which have been passed down from generation to the next, amplifies the supreme respect and honor for the culture of opera.

Episode 1: History of Taiwanese Opera
Episode 2: Ramblings about Outdoor Taiwanese Opera
Episode 3: Ramblings about the Interesting facts of Taiwanese opera
Episode 4: The Taboos in Taiwanese Opera

Tung Shu-ting
Producer / Performer for Wu-Yue Taiwanese Opera Troupe. 
Tung was trained under the Lee Luo-Ching, a well-known performer in both acting and television, and Chang Meng-I, the Best Actor Awardee of the 28th Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music. 

Production Team
Wang Ching-Hsien
Project Manager / Performer for Wu-Yue Taiwanese Opera Troupe, currently working as a Project Administrator for a construction company.
Wang was trained under Huang Mei-Ching, the Artistic Director of Cloud Water Theatre, Chang Meng-I, the Best Actor Awardee of the 28th Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music, and Tang Wen-Hua, well-known performer at Guo Guang Opera Company.

Lo Ya-Ting
Graduated from the National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, Institute of Applied Japanese Language. Currently the Chief Executive for Wu-Yue Taiwanese Opera Troupe in-charge of organizing performances and events publicity.