Wu Chi-Yu and Hsiao Bo-Chun: Conspiracy Generator

2 episodes

Conspiracy Generator is a program designed to introduce, adapt, and expand games. It introduces “storytelling-based” tabletop games in terms of fundamental concepts, developing methods, and adaption attempts. It tries to adapt the tabletop game Once Upon A Time, which is a story solitaire card game. By reference to the issues they have been concerned with recently, the events occurred in their quotidian existence, and their feelings about the drastic changes in the world, the players turn these experiences and concerns into different story elements for the card game. They make cards by themselves, expand the storyline, and adapt the original fairy-tale world of “once upon a time” for a “live updated” real one, thereby transforming the radio program into an exciting contest of issue interpretation.

Enoch Cheng

Independent artist. Concerned with the everyday subtleties in modern lives, his multidisciplinary practice—involving installation, dance, performance, curation, fashion, and the moving image—explores recurrent themes of place, travel, fiction, migration, anthropology, and natural history. Enoch is currently Asian Cultural Council’s Altius Fellow. He is an artist-in-residence at the American Museum of Natural History researching natural sciences and history. He received his MA in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, London, and a BA in English Literature and Art History at the University of Hong Kong.