Wang Chia-Ying: A Conversation between Chen Ting-Jung and Huang Dawang – Sound. Spectrum. Noise Generation. Sound Wave

What kind of sparks will emerge from a conversation between sound artists Huang Dawang, who is open to any topic, and Chen Ting-Jung, who is a meticulous artist? The Vienna-based Taiwanese artist Chen Ting-Jung returns to Taiwan in 2021 for a research residency and presents ‘ Harmonielehre – Chen Ting-Jung Solo Exhibition’ at TheCube Project Space. Using banned and patriotic songs, the exhibition is an eight-channel, 14 speakers surround sound installation with objects discussing issues such as materiality of sound and sound weapons. In response to the theme of the exhibition, a conversation was held between sound artist and art critic Huang Dawang, who studied in Osaka, and Chen Ting-Jung, in which they shared and discussed their experiences of sound, music and creation.

Episode 1
Chen Ting-Jung and Huang Dawang, who have also studied and performed abroad, talk about their common experiences and their methods of using sound materials for their performances and compositions. The songs discussed in the program are: “Island Sky Light” by Fire Extinguisher, “A Game and a Dream” by Wong Kit, “Melt” by Hatsune Miku and “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division.

Episode 2
How did Chen Ting-Jung and Huang Dawang get to know each other, and also the similarities and differences between performance and creation. The films and songs they talk about in the program are: ‘Belgian Rhapsody’, ‘Underground’ and ‘The Greatest Showman’ by Keh Tāi-sîng

Episode 3
A sharing of the process of sifting through the text and fusing it into a piece, and a sharing of the arrangement of sound composition. The films and pieces discussed in the programme are: Sensitive Female Chord Progression “When the Robinia pseudoacacia stop raining, I would like to die like this”, “The Rock”, “No Time to Die”, “Pélleas und Melisande” by Arnold Schönberg, “I Am Sitting In A Room” by Alvin Lucier, “Quattro Pezzi w score for orchestra 1959” by French SpectraleGiacinto Scelsi, “Gondwana” by Tristan Murail, “Partiels” by Gérard Grisey, “The Sinking of the Titanic” by Gavin Bryars, “Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet”, “The Disintegration Loops” by William Basinski.

Producer: Wang Chia-Ying
Holds an MFA from Pratt Institute, New York. Currently works as project assistant at TheCube Project Space. Her focus on social value, self-consciousness, and identification. She used to be executive assistant at Petah Coyne Artwork LLC; project assistant for Asia Cruise: Kuandu Arts Festival 2013 and Asia Contemporary Art Forum at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, and a cog in numerous art fairs, festivals, workshops, and galleries. Residency experiences include Vermont Studio Center (2014), and Cope NYC Project (2016).