Flyinsnow at the Dong Bang System Festival

Flyinsnow and director Ni Hui-chen share about the Dong Bang System Festival held in Yogyakarta in 2017, which they co-organised with several friends from various fields.

Flyinsnow has travelled to several places in Indonesia (including Yogyakarta) with her friends from the Tainan National University of the Arts (TNNUA) Graduate Institute of Documentary & Film Archiving to assist a professor at the TNNUA Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology in his fieldwork and interviews. After her return, she was keen to visit Yogyakarta again, so with the help of Professor Gong Jow-Jiun and the Art Commons Tainan, a team of students from various disciplines at TNNUA collaborated with Ruang MES 56, an art space in Yogyakarta to organize the “Dong Bang System Festival ” over there. Ruang MES 56 is managed by Wok the Rock, the curator of the programme ‘Quarantine Isolation’ previously in Talking Drum, and the name of the event comes from Wok, who believes that in the Indonesian tradition, Dong Bang is somewhat similar to the concept of street performers or circus filled with exotic landscapes, and hopes that this exchange will create a wonderful sparks.

In the program, Flyinsnow talks about the cultural impact during the process of her fieldwork in Indonesia and her experience of working with Mo’ong, a local musician who makes his own instruments. The second half of the program features a conversation between Flyinsnow and director Ni Hui-chen. He collaborated with Flyinsnow for the poetry video ‘Red Eyes Moonlight Lake’ for the Dong Bang System Festival, and produced an experimental short film for the Ruang Mes 56 exhibition space.

Producer: Flyinsnow
Born in 1988, Flyinsnow is a music composer from Kaohsiung. Since childhood, she has learned Taiwanese songs, influenced by Taiwanese folk music, and taught herself guzheng. She plays mainly with Taiwanese instruments, guitars, keyboards, synthesizers and singing vocals. She also takes samples from the sounds of the city and life around him, combining soundscapes with electronic sounds, and in recent years she has been playing mostly improvised music. She is a postgraduate student at the Tainan National University of the Arts Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology.

Co-host: Ni Hui-chen
Ni Hui-chen is a documentary filmmaker and scriptwriter. He directed and edited the music video “Water” for indie band DoZzz’s, and has receives award in the Tainan Fiction Shorts Award (2019) and the Youth Film Festival (2018).