Lee Min-Ju: It’s Hard to Say

3 episodes

With a microphone in front of my mouth, I can say whatever I want to say.
Muttering secrets under my breath, it is hard to say anyway.
The double metaphor for “voice-giving” exposes the truth with words lacking fidelity. I speak into the microphone and owe a debt of gratitude to Chuan for the precious information he provided. I’m going to bring you a credible, factual report.
Episode 1: How can I run for the election… when your opponent is offering bribe? Save our hometown by ourselves—from endless protests to an election campaign that changed the local politics.
Episode 2: The confession of an Otokonoko… not pixelated this time: Two selves born out of reality, family are a crossplayer’s Achilles heel.
Episode 3: The private life of the poor…we have desires, too: People who live on the streets fight against not only poverty but also others’ questioning glance.

Min-Ju Lee

Graduated from the University of Taipei, majoring in visual arts and the creation mainly based on the site-specific concept of mixed media and installation art. Due to the noise in her living space, she steps on the journey of extending time and space through sound. For the same reason, she starts to do more about sound and performance art. Her artworks are mainly focusing on the forced perspective of body perception and the cheat-cut effect of space and time. Walking on the boundary between illusory and reality, she tries to reconstruct the sensory experience and perspective.