Co-Art Co-Operative (CACO): Aufheben Lecture Series

9 episodes

This lecture series draws its inspiration from one of Hegel’s crucial ideas—transcending the status quo by abandoning it. It’s an open learning program for the participants as well as for the community and general public, which embodies the consistent spirit of Co-Art Co-Operative (CACO). By dint of the lectures and workshops on the popularization of three fields (i.e., sociology, art, and action), the team seeks to resume people’s critical thinking in their quotidian existence.

Co-Art Co-Operative (CACO)

Founded by Professor Sun-Quan Huang, the group’s members include artists, curators, architects, dancers, designers, middle and elementary school teachers, social activists, and graduate students. This is a Co-op which confronts society head-on. They make lists of the fundamental needs of every member. From daily needs to job opportunities, from disputes to creative production desires, all the members come up with a solution with a series of group discussions, following the core principle: we harvest ourselves.