Author: Jason Lee

“The Constructed Austronesia ” Lecture Series

Since the interaction between Taiwan and the Pacific region under the name of Austronesia began with the exchange between the Yami people of Orchid Island and the Bajau people of the Philippines in 1997, these successful exchanges have transcended national diplomatic restrictions and solidified the discourse that “Taiwan is the homeland of Austronesian-speaking peoples.” After 26 years of development and changes, can the newly formed Austronesian identity and the current “Out of Taiwan Theory” trend help us clarify the new Taiwanese self-identity direction, or will it further immerse us in a romanticized island identity?


A Room of Michelle Chen

A Room of Michelle Chen curatorial research exhibition was held from 6 October to 4 November 2023 at TheCube 7F. This exhibition focuses on Taiwanese women aged 60-70 today and how their unique characteristics have been shaped by the political and economic conditions in Taiwan during their upbringing. It explored the relationship between individuals and the community/society.


Interview with Social Dis Dance

After their performance at the Sonic Shaman-TheCube Forum Music Festival at the end of 2022, Taiwan’s queer mermaid diva, Betty Apple, and the avant-garde electronic ensemble Social Dis Dance, are invited to perform at the Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain for the newly produced piece MIRAGE ECSTASY, kicking off the annual Luxembourg Art Week.

Before setting off for Luxembourg, Jeph and Amy of TheCube conducted an interview with the members of Social Dis Dance: Betty Apple, Victor and Hoser.


Cross Dimension Broadcast

“Cross Dimension Broadcast” explores mysticism in the application of Taiwan contemporary art creation. In a pairing format, the programme on the one hand invites contemporary Taiwanese artists working on related themes, and corresponding mysticism practitioners or researchers on the other, to talk about the sensory and mystical techniques they apply in their creation and practices.


Print & Carve Dept. – the Possibilities of Communal Carving

The current exhibition at TheCube 7F is called Communal Work – Collective Carving As Form. The title of the exhibition contains both ‘Communal’ and ‘Collective’, it is so important that it is mentioned twice. Why is it so important to the Print & Carve Dept. that the creative process brings together the views of many people? How is it possible to DIT (do it together) when there are so many people with different opinions working together and discussing social issues? Life, work, creation, and social engagement are difficult hurdles to overcome. In this interview, the Print & Carve Dept. shares their past experiences and give insights to their future plans.


Objet Sonore Deformation

The exhibition Objet Sonore Deformation at TheCube Project Space attempts to respond to how the way of listening in the human world has been dramatically transformed since the advent of recording technology – recorded sound are used extensively in sound composition, rather than playing through abstract notation tools, resulting in ‘L’Objet Sonore’ (sound object), a concept developed by Pierre Schaeffer in 1948. This concept was then seen as a reformative creation in the concept of composition and performance, subverting the aural relationship between human and sound, and laying the foundations for the development of Musique Concrète (concrete music) and today’s electronic and hip-hop music.