Print & Carve Dept. – the Possibilities of Communal Carving

The current exhibition at TheCube 7F is called Communal Work – Collective Carving As Form. The title of the exhibition contains both ‘Communal’ and ‘Collective’, it is so important that it is mentioned twice. Why is it so important to the Print & Carve Dept. that the creative process brings together the views of many people? How is it possible to DIT (do it together) when there are so many people with different opinions working together and discussing social issues? Life, work, creation, and social engagement are difficult hurdles to overcome. In this interview, the Print & Carve Dept. shares their past experiences and give insights to their future plans.

About Print & Carve Dept.

Founded in October 2019, the Print & Carve Dept. was formed by a group of friends interested in printmaking and concerned about social issues. Besides presenting individual and group works, we also continue to explore the possibilities of collective creation, in order to deepen participation, communication and interaction within social issues.

Our aim in initiating the printmaking activities is to continue to engage communities and groups, inviting people to collaborate, to practice collective self-expression and to take ownership of artistic interpretation through mobile assemblies.