Austin HSU x LIN Guan-Ming: How much meanings remain in images?

This episode features film and art critic Austin HSU – From the viewing experience of LIN Guan-ming’s solo exhibition ‘The Remnants’, HSU discussed with the artist the ways of viewing images and the various aspects of image creation.


The past and present of images and its various uses appeared in LIN’s solo exhibition. What does it mean to select old images in the contemporary era of image explosion? Where is the position of ‘image creation’ in light of the ever-changing technology of image production? How does the the process of digitisation and popularisation of images in terms of its materiality and symbolic nature affect the practice of LIN?


What will happen to images after commercial use and high levels of wear and tear? How does LIN make a selection from the works that have been accumulated over the years for the exhibition? What are the similarities and differences between the identities of a commercial designer and artist? To LIN, what are the role of special effects?

Austin HSU

HSU is a film and art critic. He has a BA in Philosophy and Advertising from Fu Jen Catholic University, an MA in Social and Cultural Studies from Chiao Tung University, and a PhD in Fine Arts from the Taipei National University of the Arts. He had worked as an editor at gūsa and was the executive editor for the Taiwan Film & Audiovisual Institute’s publication “Film Appreciation Journal”. He is currently an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of East Asia at the National Taiwan Normal University, the Department of Mass Communication and Video Communication at Fu Jen Catholic University, the Department of Fine Arts and the Center for Humanities and Art Writing at the Taipei National University of the Arts, and the Department of Media Communication Design at Shih Chien University. HSU also serves as the vice-president of Taiwan Film Critics Society.

LIN Guan-Ming

Born in Taipei Taiwan in 1981, Lin graduated with a M.F.A. from the Graduate Institute of Arts and Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts. Lin has been dedicated to video art and regards video as the imagination and contemplation of “time” observation. Attempting to recollect the possible remaining “memory” of videos from the current age where videos are produced in excess. After his showing at the 2004 Media Cramp, Co4 Taiwan Avant-garde Documenta II, he has since then exhibited at many local and international exhibitions, including in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris, Fukuoka, and U.S.A. In 2008, he presented his solo exhibition Silence Attacks at the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, and also received the Taipei Arts Award in the same year. His art is collected by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. In 2020, his solo exhibition return (2019) was shortlisted final selection for the 18th Taishin Art Awards.