Cross Dimension Broadcast

“Cross Dimension Broadcast” explores mysticism in the application of Taiwan contemporary art creation. In a pairing format, the programme on the one hand invites contemporary Taiwanese artists working on related themes, and corresponding mysticism practitioners or researchers on the other, to talk about the sensory and mystical techniques they apply in their creation and practices.

S1EP1: Interview with contemporary artist Ting-yu LIANG

This episode features artist Ting-Yu LIANG, who is currently enrolled in the PhD program of the Department of Fine Arts at the Taipei National University of the Arts. His research and art practices focus on project-based art, the methodology of ghostly discourses, enquiry-based structures and related topics. His works also lay emphasis on transformational justice in history, the panpsychism and the writing of aboriginal history in the recent trend of non-human turn. The works “The Beheaded Stream Art Project”, as well as “The History of Yen” and “Volcanoes” cooperated with the artistic group Engineering of Volcano Detonating are currently exhibiting in the 2022 Taiwan Biennale “Love and Death of Sentient Beings” at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts.

S1EP2: Interview with Psychical Researcher Wong Ling

This episode features Wong Ling, the principal researcher and former president of the Taiwan Society for Psychical Research ( He was taking part in “The Beheaded Stream Art Project” by artist Ting-Yu LIANG and collaborating with art group Engineering of Volcano Detonating. This episode invites Wong Ling to talk about his conceptualizations of spiritual world, spiritual entities and evil spirits, and to share his reflection on artistic participation.

S1EP3: Interview with Psychical Researcher Wong Ling (Part 2)

This episode features Wong Ling, the principal researcher and former president of the Taiwan Society for Psychical Research ( He was taking part in “The Beheaded Stream Art Project” by artist Ting-Yu LIANG and collaborating with art group Engineering of Volcano Detonating. This episode continues the last conversation on two types of spiritual entities (nature deities VS evil spirits constructed by mass media), and discusses about the famous female Taiwanese ghost, CHEN Shou-Niang, the methodology of perceiving and communicating with spirits, the afterlife world, and the principles of fortune telling.

S1EP4: Interview with Artist Yin-Ju CHEN

This episode features artist Yin-Ju CHEN, who was trained both in Taipei National University of the Arts and in San Francisco Art Institute. Her works utilize mystical techniques, including astrology, sacred geometry, alchemy, and shamanic culture. Yin-Ju is a highly successful international artist, having exhibited at the Sydney Biennale, Berlin, Rotterdam, Taipei Biennale, among others. Most recently, she had a show at the Gwangju Biennale, as well as a solo exhibition last year at the Institute of Contemporary Arts at NYU Shanghai. Her website:

S1EP5|Waiting in Harmony with Emotions: Interview with Astrologist Amber Tang

This episode features astrologist Amber Tang, who has a seventeen-year background in studying and practicing Western astrology. She also has expertise in energy healing and holds certifications in Angelic Reiki, Usui Reiki, and Nepalese singing bowls. Amber took part in artist Yin-Ju Chen’s art project, Liquidation Maps (2014), where she used astrological charts to reexamine the tragic massacres of modern history.  In this episode, Amber will share her experience and thoughts on participating in the art project, as well as discuss in depth the principles and applications of Western astrology. Website:

S1EP6|Belief Manufactures Narratives, Events, and Objects: Interview with Artist Shi-Chin WU

This episode (and the next one) explores the technique of hypnosis. The guest for this episode is artist Sih-Chin WU, who graduated from the Department of Sculpture at the National Taiwan University of Arts and the School of Fine Arts at Taipei National University of the Arts.His works have won the Taoyuan International Art Award and the Taipei Arts Awards, and he has participated in the Asian Art Biennial at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, as well as exhibitions in Japan, China, the United States, Italy, and other countries. Two of his works, co-created with Yu LIU, are “Heritage Tour” (2019) and “Escape Route” (2021), which utilize hypnosis techniques to create a distinctive sense of space and take the audience on a unique mental journey. WU describes his creative themes as “hovering between humans and nature, contemporary technology and ancient techniques, and reality and mysterious phenomena, establishing an interpretation method in these connections to open up some imagination and worldview that transcends time, species, and reality.” His website:

S1EP7|Bypassing Critical Consciousness and Tapping into Inner Resources: Interview with Hypnotherapist Samoo Wang

Guest for this episode: Hypnotherapist Sheng-Hua WANG, the Vice Director of Jen & Lin Education Foundation. He graduated from the Master’s program in the Graduate Institute of Educational Psychology and Counseling at Tamkang University, and has been studying and practicing hypnotherapy (NGH program) for almost ten years and is an AAH/Seth-oriented hypnotist, ABMLP executive, and Pastel Nagomi Art instructor. His areas of expertise include hypnosis; self-exploration; trauma, grief, loss-related issues; and issues related to the original family. Sheng-Hua Wang was invited to participate in the artistic projects “Heritage Tour” (2019) and “Escape Route” (2021) by artists Sih-Chin WU and Yu LIU. In this episode, he will provide us with a detailed introduction to hypnosis, its types, the six levels of hypnosis, how hypnosis can assist us in navigating various relationships, and how hypnosis can aid in exploring the ideas of past lives, souls, ghosts and spirits. Wang’s website:

S1EP8|At that Moment We Connect: Interview with Artist Jia-Jhen SYU

The mysterious theme of episodes eight and nine is mysticism, specifically focusing on Tarot cards and Family Constellation.

The guest for this episode is artist Jia-Jhen SYU, who graduated from the Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts in Tainan National University of the Arts, and now lives and works in Hsinchu. Jia-Jhen SYU’s ​​works utilize the body as a conduit for emotions, gathering the collective’s shared and private sentiments, and meticulously sifting through the emotional remnants prevalent in everyday culture. Her creations metamorphose individual recollections into behavior production with a public quality, establishing an open dialogue with society, and investigating intimate internal musings while intertwining introspective relationships with others. Her work “You (I) Collect a Piece of You (Me)” (2014) transforms private diaries into divination cards. “The Ultimate Love Affair” (2022) is a story game played through role-playing, exploring the original family relationships in one’s past life journey. Artist’s website:

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Concept / Host: Feng-Yi CHU
Visual Design: Melmel CHEN, Jui-Lan YAO
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