Ting Liping: “Echoing Contemporar” Serie

2 episodes in total. (Duration: 15 minutes per episode)

Always in line with the original intention of art, “Soundless sound, Self without ego, Beyond the Egos”, OOO-Lab hopes through the sound art, to feedback to the contemporary society!
OOO-Lab, with poetry in live experimental music, through the sound of “stolen” inside of the contemporary art and society dialectical thinking, invite the dialogue between art and society.
On the other hand, OOO-Lab would like to borrow the sound art of “Sound Stealing”, to reproduce broadcasting in spoken literature today; then once again, by the “ancients are contemporary” to make voice, reflection voice!
The essence of poetry is to question.
Poetry focus on civilization today, to forward multi-faceted views; question dialectical inquiry, thus reinterpreting contemporary issues, emancipating contemporary dilemmas

Looking forward that: 
To make sound with different background as ethnic groups, generations, multiple languages, reveal sounding their multi-level dialogues.
While in between war and peace, chaos and silence, crowds wild running, reflecting on stability and self-reliance; to make sound, to witness the turning times (turnaround, a twist point), re-translate, perspective, discern, insight, deeper listen to the contemporary times thinking.


Today, Berlin STOLPERSTEINE, still records the fate of the times, translated the time of the contemporary.
Any reflector with historical memories knows that time should not repeat the mistakes!
This is now more unlikely to be copied from Gunter Demnig’s “The Stumbling Block”, and the Jochen Gerz art event, flipping the midnight square stone, becoming a stone-stealer who secretly carved the historical time?!
Gunter Demnig’s The Stumbling Block requires citizens to participate in the monument to the lives, and everyone who reads history bends over to worship in order to read the life and death on the Stumbling Block. 
Jochen Gerz believes that the only person is the memory itself, not the monument, and he questions the dialectical relationship between the monument and the anti-monument. He also pointed out that in a democratic society… Dividing the world into performers and audiences endangers democracy.
But how to use more current democratic stone stories at home and abroad, invite different ethnic groups to remember the voice, dialectical citizen participation to “steal” the contemporary people’s true and false time?
These monument art events seem to be negative, illegal stumbling blocks, constructed the real power of social reflection change, to trigger direct, autonomous citizen participation: Against fascism, against racial discrimination, against the slave history of human society–the slave history under threat of authoritarianism; leaping into the stepping stone of a human rights society, a pioneering initiative to look beyond history.
Of course, the poet playwright Lu Xun as early as the beginning of the twentieth century is such a reminder: the pioneers were easy to become stumbling blocks.

EP.2 The Human Cannibalism

Absolutely, Lu Xun is such a reminder: the pioneers were easy to become stumbling blocks.
He also put forward the human cannibalism to the moral courtesy society and the education dilemma; he said mad man figures have what good-looking, but save the children!
He said through the madman:
A kind of person thinks that people shouldn’t eat people,
Another kind thinks that people should not eat people, but they have to eat…
Today’s COVID-19 epidemic “human-to-human” spread globally, national border blocking, not only urban civilization, government public health mechanisms are challenged,
All kinds of unknowns, ignorance, and fake news, but also caused the” apocalypse zero “panic around the world.
All kinds of ethnic conflicts, racial discrimination, nationalism, confusion and ignorance; various stigma between different power mechanisms system, which insult mutually.
Each makes real fake news, increase their own lies.
All kinds of civilized society, which is testing the bottom line of human nature, have become the testing ground of all kinds of human nature, the good and the evil.
The current state of civilized society where the mechanism of lies infested is even more arrogant and chaotic.
The French poet playwright A. ARTAUD once pointed out that the over-civilized human society has been critically ill. We are bound to bring out this seriously ill society, to deconstruct it; on humanity lesions, making naked criticism.

Ting Liping, Taiwan Native, a nomadically artist
A Taiwan Native, an old female who was keen on the old saying the Taiwanese proverb
A Taiwan Native Cello musician, dwelling in Berlin. Hui-Chun Lin
An HongKongese-American guitarist dwelling in Berlin, Eric Wang
A French pianist Fréderic Blondy

Ting Liping

Ting Liping is an interdisciplinary artist living between Taiwan, France and Germany; her artworks include community exchange projects, installation improvisational experimental music in situ and sound-environments exploring city and nature. Influenced by the work of John Cage, Samuel Beckett and the Chinese philosophe poet Zhuang Zi.Since 1999 in Polysonneries 2000 in Polyphonix (FR), she presented her poetry art actions in Europe, North America and China. Since2017 Installation and Performance in REMAIN New York, project IM-MI Canada, Tim’s Spiral in daadgallerie, Licht Leuchten III. Poetry Art Action in SAVVY Berlin 2019; Art resident DAAD Berlin 2018-2019 Composition.
2019 daadgallerie Berlin, Water-Timing S. -Times’Spiral Audio-Video-Light Solo Installation, solo performance and long duration performance with guest Boris Nieslony.