Yang Zixuan, Hsiulien Chen, Huang Yuling: Noise Radio

6 episodes in total. (Duration: 25 minutes per episode)

Be they ideas not mature enough to be termed discourses, familiar or unfamiliar friends, items on the agenda or not, issues not seen as politically correct yet, and even the social existence of all stripes that cannot be fully grasped yet, we decide to come forward for these noises, occupying the space-time and allowing them to sprawl from the cracks.

At the invitation of the Talking Drums Radio, we plan to produce six episodes for trial broadcasting that had a very long gestation period.

EP.1-4 Marriage Is the Grave of Love—Visiting the Graveyard Fearlessly

EP.5-6 Cooperative Makes a Good Fortune—One Head Is Better Than Two Consultant: Ms. Chen Laihong
Present: Member of the Board of Directors of the Cooperative Development Counseling Program of the National Development Foundation (2017~), Consultant of the Taoyuan City Aizhen Association (2008~)
Music resource: inch (HK), kid’s Song – inch, Zams & Kalok / ntro – Sai ft. inch

Yang Zixuan

manager of Halfway cafe/former member of Loser Liberation Zone/Participants in Haibizi Tent16-18 .
Interesting in alcohol、alternative space、collective、subcultural activities and some weird friend.

Chen Hsiulien

member of TIWA(Taiwan International Workers’ Association)/former member of Loser Liberation Zone/former crazy bitch of social movement Interesting in labour movement 、stray animal concern、typolpgy of protest、technique and philosophy of criticle.

Huang Yulin

Artist, media worker, digital news journalist, cultural activist. Participant in various multimedia initiatives, as well as helping to curate art festivals and exhibitions. Has an ongoing interest in the underground cultures emerging in Asian cities.