Yang Cheng: Family of the Puppeteer

3 episodes in total. (Duration: 15 minutes per episode)

Family of the Puppeteer is a radio program unfolding in “Motif Notation” (a dance notation workshop). In this workshop, we found that the dancers, be they professional or amateur, have their sui generis ways of physical expression. They even know how to move their bodies by drawing on past experiences to the accompaniment of some music—just like a puppeteer who has a manual on puppet manipulation. Starting from an interpretation of a instruction/guide to the workshop, this program collects the data about the ways people in different areas use their bodies, whereby it not only produces the body-usage manuals behind the audio files in these episodes, but also pieces together the puzzles as to how a broadcasting system manipulates body movements and group behavior.

Yang Cheng

Yang Cheng is an electroacoustic performance and soundtrack artist. Often in the theater space, through the different locations of sound carrier and real-time processing as a development, also use the object recording as a material to cooperate with the visual and music artists to live performances, held a computer music workshop without a threshold, and listened to the experience sharing. Also love to perform in electronic dance venues.