WU Pomin: Constructing Alien Worlds from a Language Perspective

3 episodes in total. (Duration: 13-15 minutes per episode)

Creators sometimes use constructed languages to add substances to their fictional worlds. The language intuition, its vocabularies and stems, the sound when speaking it, concepts that are easy to blurt out or extremely difficult to convey in terms of it, these are characters of the fictional world that would add another layer of meaning to the work of creation. This series of programs will discuss these aspects of a constructed language such as Klingon in Star Trek universe languages.

Pomin Wu

Pomin Wu is a mathematician and a computer programmer. He actively participates in g0v.tw, one of the biggest civic tech communities in Asia-Pacific. He also worked in NGOs and startups as software engineer and Open Source / Open Data evangelist. He co-founded Trustable AI, a research company dedicated to making AI trustworthy for everyone.