Tzu-Huan Lin, Campbell Watson: How is the weather?

4 episodes in total. (Duration: 15-25 minutes per episode)

The first person to ever issue a weather forecast was Robert FitzRoy. He was also Evolution’s Captain, taking Charles Darwin around the world on the HMS Beagle. FitzRoy improved the way the weather forecast was performed through telegraph messages, observing a wide range of weather information to make more accurate weather forecasts. How is the weather? is an experimental radio program created by scientist Campbell Watson and artist Tzu-Huan Lin. Started by “How is the weather?”, each episode collects responses from interviewees, slowly expanding the scope of the conversation and finally reaching a core topic.

The four episodes of the project contain four different topics: Bad weather in Puerto Rico., Human social interaction., Evolution, Utopia and weather is used as the starting point for entering each discussion. Each episode included 2-3 people from different field (artists, scientists and curator), and we then edit the interviews together with sound and music to establish something like a space for hypnotic rumination.

For each part, the weather is seen as the starting point for entering the world. Weather is everywhere. We are inside the weather. And we can change the weather, but really the weather is changing us.


Voiced by Lionel Cruet, David Melecio-Vazquez and Campbell Watson. Edited by Campbell Watson. Additional composition by Timothy Cleary.
Voiced by Jen Nista, Yen Yi Lee, Xavier Levine and Tzu-Huan Lin. Edited by Tzu-Huan Lin.
Voiced by Xin Xin, Sungduk Yu and Elvira Mulyukova. Edited by Campbell Watson.
Voiced by Shannon May Mackenzie, Pei-Hsuan Wang,Maria Lezhnina and Tzu-Huan Lin. Edited by Tzu-Huan Lin.

Tzu-Huan Lin

Tzu-Huan Lin creates video and installation-based works. His work adapts to connect different subjects or stories to address the problems in digital era. Drawing on a wide variety of sources, including mythology, historical events, science theory, pseudo-documentary, and sometimes abstract narrative works interact with immersive installation. Lin’s work has been included in International group exhibitions such as The 6th International Video Art Exhibition 2018, ADAF 2018 14th Athens Digital Arts Festival, The Yellow Snake Is Waiting a solo exhibition of Lin’s recent work at the Taipei Fine Art Museum in at 2017.

Campbell Watson

Campbell Watson is an atmospheric scientist in New York City. He is developing an experimental modeling platform to simulate freshwater ecosystems with a team of scientists. He studied atmospheric science in Australia and moved to the US in 2012 for a postdoc at Yale University. He once wrote an article for Vice: Motherboard about surfing an artificial wave in Texas, made a film that reckons with being human in the Holocene Extinction, and performed a series of multimedia shows using weather data.