TSAI Wan-Shuen: Three Little Practice Talking with Poetry

3 episodes in total. (Duration: around 15 minutes per episode)

Poetry works and my other works zigzag from one another, occasionally crossing paths.

In these few years, chatting with my kids in our mother tongue is an opportunity for me to get to know our mother tongue anew. At the same time, we can reflect again on how reality, naming, and sound, these three things are neither close nor distant. As for meaning, perhaps it flashes into our awareness whenever one of these things is thrown from one extremity towards another.

The program is constructed in three parts: 

  1. Sound and text fragments from selected personal video works.
    (the last sequence of this episode was created for a collaboration with Kao Junnhong)
  2. Selected readings from the Li Poetry Society.
    (Chinese translated to Taiwanese, content adapted from “Chorus Of Taiwan Spirit”) 
  3. Sometimes Ocean, Sometimes Child.

Tsai Wan-Shuen

Tsai Wan-Shuen (b. 1978, Taiwan) grew up in the archipelago of Penghu, Taiwan. Studied and lived in France during several years and nowadays settled in the region of Taipei. Her artworks are shared between mixed-media installation, drawing, video and poetry. She has published poetry collection titled “Tide” (2006), “A Collection Of Poems and Drawings” (2013), “Je voudrais me réveiller dans la mer” (2017). 

In parallel of her personal projects, she collaborates since 2004 with sound artist, Yannick Dauby. Their projects have been invited by artist residencies in France, Taiwan and Estonia and presented site-specific exhibitions, publications, video pieces and small performances. In 2008, they founded Atelier Hui-Kan developing activities related to pedagogy, publication and communities.