Yang Cheng: Sweet Spot

1 episode (live streaming)

Based on the sound archives collected by Family of the Puppeteer, a program of the Talking Drums Radio, this program explores how broadcasting system is related to human body and our way of thinking, and thereby produces a “user’s manual.” In contrast to the passive listening experiences offered by broadcasts, this user’s manual is collaged by the multiple loudspeakers of different types installed in different positions on site, through which the auditory “sweet spot” can be found and restored at the very moment.

Cevo Yang

Cevo Yang is an electroacoustic performance and soundtrack artist. His works are often developed in the theater space, through the different locations of sound carriers and real-time processing. He also uses object recording as a material to cooperate with the visual and music artists in live performances. He has held computer music workshops of entry-level and talks about listening experiences and performed in electronic dance venues.