Open-Contemporary Art Center (OCAC): Beat Verbalization

2 episodes in total. (Duration: 25 minutes per episode)

Between 2012 and early 2013, the Open-Contemporary Art Center (OCAC) made a special trek between Thailand and Taiwan. It not only featured the exchange between people, concepts and practices, but also sought to redefine the possibilities for an art space. Staging this performance in Ximen, Bangkok, and Shilin, we continued this trek even after ThaiTai: A Measure of Understanding. Shuttling among several spaces left in decades of disuse, we kept knocking and renovating in the flying dust. Sometimes we were deep in thought as if we were in a library, and sometimes we made tumultuous noise like the hustle and bustle of the marketplace. It seemed that our bodies are liberated and the boundary of our cognition is blurred for good. Facing the unknown future, we are in a land of confusion, from which escape is nowhere on the horizon. It is in this state that Beat Verbalization invited a total of 17 artists/artist groups comprised of the OCAC’s members and their friends to tackle the utter chaos with different sound artworks. Such a practice is not so much retreating into the darkness as embracing the absolute chaos.

Participated Artists: Lu Jiun, Chi Kai-Yuan, Jiandyin, Hsu Chia-Wei, Lai Chia-Liang, Chiu Chen-Hung, Lai Yeh-Chun, Syu Jia-Jhen, Shih Pei-Chun, Wang Hsiang-Ping, Daisy Li, Chen Szu-Han, Chen Chia-Jen, Lee Jo-Mei, Tsai Chi-An, Lo Shi-Tung, Hsieh Kao-Han

Open-Contemporary Art Center (OCAC)

Open-Contemporary Art Center (OCAC) is an artist-run space founded in Banciao (Taiwan) in 2001. Our tasks include curation, interdisciplinary exchange, art forum, study and publication. We believe that contemporary art permeates into our lives in a wider range than ever. People need a significant clue of “what is contemporary art?” with a full imagination. We look at this and attempt to dedicated ourselves to create diverse forms of which the public interacted with contemporary art.