Listening Biennale speicial: Wah-Yan Au & Yannick Dauby: UNTITLED CORRESPONDENCE

TheCube Project space is honored to be invited as a partner of the Listening Biennale. TheCube provided Talking Drums Radio as a platform to broadcast the sound works Untitled Correspondence, from Wan-yan Au and Yannick Dauby. This work includes nine tracks. Talking Drum Radio will broadcast these sound works through the podcast platform over the three weekends from July 14.

Episode 1:

  1. Here comes typhoon, 2021, 5’43”
    Voice: Wah-yan Au / Sound: Yannick Dauby / Text: Wah-yan Au
  2. Undercanal, 2021, 2’52”
    Sound / Text: Yannick Dauby, Wan-yan Au
  3. Radiolaire, 2021, 7’27”
    Sound / Text: Yannick Dauby
  4. Dreams of a Toad, 2021, 5’41”
    Voice: Daniela Ruiz Moreno / Sound: Yannick Dauby / Text: Wah-yan Au

Episode 2:

  1. Tadpole Point, 2021, 8’59”
    Sound: Yannick Dauby
  2. The Bat’s Apple, 2021, 7’10”
    Voice: Wah-yan Au / Sound: Yannick Dauby / Text: Wah-yan Au
  3. BOLTS, 2021, 3’25”
    Voice: Yang Yeung / Sound: Yannick Dauby / Text: Yang Yeung (inspired by Dreams of a Toadby Wah-yan Au)
  4. btsol^),2021, 3’40”
    Voice: Yang Yeung / Sound: Yannick Dauby / Text: Yang Yeung (inspired by Dreams of a Toad by Wah-yan Au)

Episode 3:

  1. What Sunset Means to You, 2016, 37’08”
    Sound: Yannick Dauby

Text by Wah-Yan Au

Too loud to speak or too noisy to listen. Can we see sounds and listen to pictures? How do the trees whisper? Would the sea cry? Mountains scream. An annoying mosquito barges into your sweet dreams. A Gecko hides itself at home but talks a lot at night, sometimes laughing, perhaps trembling. Can we listen to other’s muffled inner voices? Who are the oth- ers then? What pattern connects? How do we connect and communicate through dreams? Non-human species’ dreams. Dreams of a toad.

A Pattern Which Connects. Bat’s echo as messenger.

One day, waking early in the morning, a sound message was received from Yannick. I recognized the dolphin’s sound. Risso Dolphin recorded near the Eastern Coast of Taiwan, told by Yannick. Another day, while I was in busy hours on the way back to work, I listened to morning bird songs near Yannick’s forest house. Here how we meet and connect. A visionary, a narrator. A Composer, a field recordist. How litho printing echoed with Yannick’s watery sound – my first time for a sound journey. Here we go. together. Hot, humid, and rainy. A night summer walk listening to mystical creatures, reading tales of mystery and discovering poetic and psychic otherworldly landscapes.

Like papers like skin, they slowly absorb moisture. Colors with nature; shapes in dreams, with ink wash floating as catalyst.

Speak low and sleep tight.


Wah-yan Au is a Hong Kong based artist and a printmaker whose drawings and illustrations have been published in numerous local magazines and newspapers including her comic strip Me1 World in Sunday Mingpao since 2014. Some of her occasional group exhibitions include “Zoo As Metaphor” (2014) and “Zoo As Metaphor 2” (2018). In 2009, she organized “P-at-riot June-forth Cultural Festival” with her friends. She was also a member of Woofenten from 2011 to 2013. She was an artist-in-residence at Proyecto’ace, Argentina in 2017 and started Printhow, a printmaking collective, with her friends the same year. A collection of short stories

“Dreams of a Toad” was published in 2019, and she recently finished her first short comic “Praying Mantis Combat”. She is also teaching visual arts focusing in printmaking for the past several years.

Yannick Dauby is a sound artist and field recordist based in Taiwan. He also practices as a sound designer/ mixer for film. He is an audio documentary maker and electroacoustic music composer. His works are inspired by ethnography, amphibian conservation, stories from the forests and mountains and marine biology. He collaborates with communities and individuals in Hakka villages and indigenous territories.


Yang Yeung is a writer of art and an independent curator. Her recent publications include an exhibition essay for Francis Alÿs’ solo exhibition wet feet___dry feet, a review of Sumei Tse’s practice in the Taipei Fine Art Museum Journal, and a review of Kwok-hin Tang’s practice in Yishu. She founded the non-profit soundpocket in 2008 and is currently its Artistic Director. She initiated independent project A Walk with A3 (HK, 2015-7) to support the right of art to be in the streets. She was awarded the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship in 2013-14. In 2019, she was art writer in residence with Contemporary Art Stavanger (Norway). Yeung is a member of the international research network Institute for Public Art, member of the independent art critics collective Art Appraisal Club (HK) and the International Art Critics Association (HK). She currently teaches classics for global learning at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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