LEE Min-Ju & CHEN Siao-Chi: Daily Arena

4 episodes in total. (Duration: 15 minutes per episode)

This program, Daily Arena, through making small things into spectacles, reveals self-performance in everyday life. For example, if we magnify the eight o’clock drama, we could see the ideological problems of everyday life. This is true of other things as well.

The program takes the form of the live broadcast of a wrestling contest, describing roles in everyday life as though they were wrestlers in a wrestling contest. (Beforehand, contestants will first describe their backgrounds and stories). The areas are drawn from everyday life (such as with the family, on campuses, at the scene of a traffic accident, after an affair was caught in the act, during an anniversary, etc). The last to leave an arena (whether this be a living room, classroom, an auction house, a room, a street, etc.) is the loser.

Through the enlargement of everyday struggles, we use the backdrop of the wrestling contest to examine society, to excavate self-performance in the course of everyday life. The wrestling arena is a metaphor for the interactions of people in everyday life, inspecting the differences between people’s performances on-stage and off-stage. The announcer and referee reflect the whispers in our heads as well go through, this exaggeration stimulating the listener’s shallow consciousness in daily life. 

Lee Min-Ju

Graduated from University of Taipei, majoring in visual arts and the creation mainly based on the Site-Specific concept of mixed media and installation art. Due to the noise in her living space for a long time,she steps on the journey of extending time and space through sound. With the same reason, she starts to do more aboutsound art and performance art. Her artworks are mainly focusing on the forced perspective of body perception and cheat-cut effect of space and time, walking on the boundary between illusory and reality, she tries to reconstruct the sensory experience and perspective. Recent performances including “Turn Down”(2017), “On the Line”(2017), “International Low-end Population Auction Project”(National Taiwan Museum of Art , 2018), “Buffet”(Waley Art, 2018 ).

Chen Siao-Chi

Chen Siao-Chi(Archie) was born in 1990 in Taiwan. His passion for performance art was inspired by many types of sub-cultural music and dance. In 2008, he was enrolled into Department of Drama of National Taiwan University of Arts, majoring in directing and performing. Archie’s work is based on his exploration of body, consciousness and space, as well as his observations on social issues and human behavior patterns in everyday life.

His recent performance are “Snake boat” (Xichang 134 Art space, Taiwan, 2019), “Body Buffe”(Warly Art, Taiwan, 2018), “Low-end Population Auction”(Asian Art Biennial, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taiwan, 2018), “True or False-Temptation of Cultural Industry”(Little Play Theatre, Taiwan, 2017), “Clapping for Mosquitoes”(Southern Comfort, Nepal, 2017), “Live in Trance”(Acid House, Taiwan, 2016).