Kuo Chih-Ting, Cloud Wang: Storyteller

1 episode in total. (Duration: 15 minutes)

From the perspective of Benjamin, the demise of storytelling comes from the depreciation of experience exchange. The reason is that there is a large amount of circulating news and messages. Under the rapid transmission of information with various media nowadays, the “storyteller” disappears into the overflowing message. This work tries to return to the auditory existence of the human speaking voice. The content draws away from the identifiable facts/events and interpretations, re-constructing the narrative by using only connectives and prepositions and restores the flow of one’s inner emotion. Through the verbal and auditory nature of broadcasting, we want to experiment whether can this create a message of pure emotional experience and be received by the audiences.

Kuo Chih-Ting

An emerging artist from Kaohsiung. After graduating from the Department of Economics, NTU, she is currently studying her master degree at the Institute of Applied Arts, NCTU. Her research explores the existence of human speaking voices in the field of art. At present, her space installation work A Concave Acousmatic Space with voices as the main body of creation is continuously being developed.

Cloud Wang

A theatre freelancer living in Taipei, had worked with Singapore Theatre Practice, participated in the process of devising and performance of Art Farm. Directed independent productions of Nowhere Troupe Comprehensive way of Life, Nothing To Do This Afternoon, paper plane. She looks into the presentation of the literature in theatre and the association with space.