Interview with Jun Yang: I’m Jun Yang

1 episode in total ( around 20 mins)

Jun Yang, who has just staged his large-scale mid-term retrospective exhibition in Graz, Austria in early 2019, talked about his surprising works in the two episodes of the program. The first episode discusses his latest creation Bao Bin / Kakigori, a children’s picture book on the history of shaved ice, produced in collaboration with a Japanese illustrator. In fact, this picture book is a catalogue of a sculptural project. In the second episode, Yang talks about his real-life experiences and his participation in the management of ra’mien (a restaurant in Vienna, Austria)—it is not only an art project, but also a successful restaurant in reality.

Jun Yang

Jun Yang lives and works in Vienna, Taipei, and Yokohama. His oeuvre encompasses a riotous profusion of forms ranging from video and installation to performance and public space project, tackling issues concerning institutions, society, and audience. Based on his life experiences in different cultural contexts, he is dedicated to examining the influence of clichés and media images on identity politics.