Chang Wen-Hsuan: The house House built

5 episodes in total. (Duration: 15 minutes per episode)

What short novel bets is not talent but insight. Due to limited space, writers are required to turn each word into the most practical brick in order to explain how had this world been constructed. Being piled up, those bricks are waiting for the last keystone to accomplish a path leading to a certain world. This gesture is also an ambitious manifestation: I myself can swallow the infinite complexities of this world and generate an understandable geometric shape.

Radio shares the same charm as short novel, since they are all monodrama in a limited condition. In this program, five keywords will take a role as keystones: under keystone of one kind, specific arch will be constructed as a result. The archway signifies a specific house and the house indicates a specific world. Then 15 minutes passed. Mere 15 minutes.

Sound Design: Yang Cheng

Chang WenHsuan

Chang Wen-Hsuan, graduated from Graduate Institute of Trans-disciplinary Arts in Taipei National University of Arts, now lives and works in Taichung and Taipei. She is especially attentive to the subject of “fiction”. In her work, “fiction” is a narrative action that connects history with politics. The extension of history and politics within fiction is a way of managing the relationships and dynamics between individual stories and the writing of history. Recent exhibitions include: “2018 Taiwan Biennial: Wild Rhizome”(National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, 2018); “Trans-Justice: Para-Colonial@Technology”(MOCA Taipei, Taipei, 2018); “2 Weeks #2: Writing FACTory”(Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, 2018); “Discordant Harmony: Observations of Artistic Practices in East Asia at the Transition between the 1980s and the 1990s”(Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing, 2017); “There after Here: Performing a Verb#3 kiss or kill? The body needs a verb to rehearse within a biography”(Vernacular Institute, Mexico City, 2017). Since 2018, she initiated a long-term program Writing FACTory.