Betty Apple: Taipei Private Life of the Flesh

3 episodes in total. (Duration: 30 minutes per episode)

This program is produced by sound performance artist Betty Apple in collaboration with three Taiwanese female (queer) sound artists who were born after 1985 and whose oeuvres extend from sound to body. The scenario of this program unfolds with a group of unmarried women at teatime or bar in Taipei sharing the footages of their sound works and discussing the sound that makes them feel sexy. These sound artists, who are also bosom friends of one another, reveal their private lives and Eros behind their works through their erotically charged conversations, thereby showing how, during their creative processes, Taiwanese female sound artists in the early 21st century weave the relations among sound, body, and Eros in Taipei in the Internet era. (image by Lee Min-Ju)

About interviewee:

Lin Li-Chin
Li-Chin is a young Taiwanese sheng performer, who belongs to a small group of musicians with the ability to both compose and perform music. Once an official member of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Li-Chin is currently a member of the Ka Dao Yin Music Group (aka Caught Up In), whose debut album titled Slow won the Best Fusion Album at the 25th  Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music in 2014. In recent years, Li-Chin has been dedicating herself to the integration of sheng and electronic music creation & images. In recent years, Li-Chin has devoted herself in exploring sheng and performing arts, and their relationship with social issues.

Lee Min-Ju
Graduated from University of Taipei, majoring in visual arts and the creation mainly based on the Site-Specific concept of mixed media and installation art. Due to the noise in her living space for a long time, she steps on the journey of extending time and space through sound. With the same reason, she starts to do more about sound art and performance art. Her artworks are mainly focusing on the forced perspective of body perception and cheat-cut effect of space and time, walking on the boundary between illusory and reality, she tries to reconstruct the sensory experience and perspective. Recent performances including Turn Down (2017), On the Line (2017), International Low-end Population Auction Project (National Taiwan Museum of Art, 2018), Buffet (Waley Art, 2018 ).

Liu Chun-Liang
Liu Chun-Liang is a director, performance maker, and critic based in Taipei, Taiwan, formerly trained in sociology and political science. Through stories, songs/sounds, food, and movements, she creates sensorial experiences and participatory situations to invoke questions to the seemingly ordinary every day.
A sense of intimacy is the key in her work. She is the creative director for Long Distance Collective Theatre Company (遠聚離). She works collaboratively with adaptive practice and improvisations, such as her tape recording project. She collaborates with Australian experimental musician Clinton Green as MoeChee (默契). In 2016, She released her first album Friction which is a mix of vocalizations and street sounds in Kaohsiung, Taipei and Melbourne.

Betty Apple

Based in Taipei, Betty Apple comes from a younger generation of avant-garde artists in Taiwan. Graduated from School of Theatre Arts (BA) and New Media Arts (MA), Taipei National University of the Arts. She focuses on live art and sound art, while also engaging in video art, behavioral art, electronic music producing, DJing and art curation, as an expression of her thoughts on body politics. Her work has been invited to Biennale Jogia, WSK Festival of The Recently Possible Manila, Flaneur Festival – 20.5 hours at HKW,  Taipei Arts Festival 《No One’s Island 》、Christchurch Arts Festival 2019, Playfreely Festival Singapore, Mutek Japan Festival, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Polythinking in Melbourne, Asian Biennale, Taipei Biennale 2018. In 2017, she created music for dance company MeimageDance’s New Paradise of Silent Island, and for choreographer Lee, Chen-Wei’s Known Face.