Yude Lin: A Cappella

1 episode

“Audio source separation” is reminiscent of the “multitrack recording” that has profoundly shaped the modern music industry. There were simply two tracks when this technology came into being. After decades of development from tape recording to digital one, the number of tracks has become unlimited. Audio source separation divides different musical instrument sounds in an audio file into isolated ones. We can thus expect this technology to evolve towards a more sophisticated level. Besides, in terms of the field of DJ that producer Yude Lin is more familiar with, the remix culture has undergone marked change as well.

This work collects hit songs among the Generation 80’s, separates the vocals singing C note from the songs through “audio source separation,” and uses these clips as the first-half part of the a cappella performance. Inspired by the Bunun’s 8-part harmony, this work puts a premium on the artist’s genuine respect and love for singing and instrument playing as simple as beautiful.

Yude Lin

Graduating from National Chiao Tung University with a master’s program in sound and music innovative technologies, Yude creates soundtracks for theater, dance, and video, working with theatre groups, including Approaching Theater, Tainaner Ensemble, and Oz Theatre Company. He soundtracked for Hsiao-Tzu Tien’s dance work Hole, and toured with the team to 2017 Avignon OFF and the 2018 Shenzhen Contemporary Theater Biennial.