3 episodes in total. (Duration: 15-20 minutes per episode)

This project features a fictional radio show titled “UNCONTROLLED RADIO.” Different from ordinary radio programs that tend to broadcast single, linear sound messages without ambient sound, this show attempts to introduce the sound narratives like never before. Consisting of three different “stories” set in the radio station, this show offers the audience varied experiences when listening to the sui generis sound narratives.

If we compare a story to a spheroid, what a listener receives from a typical radio anchor is the message from the near side of the spheroid. This message is roughly equivalent to the reality that the listener believes at that very moment. “UNCONTROLLED RADIO” is a game revolving around this “spheroid of reality.” Then, what are we playing? Imagine a suspenseful, deranged spheroid; a spheroid on which an angel and a devilkin meet face-to-face; and an elusive spheroid.

This spheroid is a game of sound narratives. It transmutes from a dominant narrative into two intertwined sound messages reaching the listeners. Owing to the disturbing sound, those who directly confront the sound wave are eager to twiddle the knob to adjust the volume. A throw-and-catch relation among the artists, sound narratives, and listeners is thus established.

EP.1 ♥Your Vocal Cords♥My Eardrum♥
EP.2 Li Shih-Ke Is an Artist and a Robber
EP.3 ★The Ultra-Decisive Battle★The Hyperspeed Highway Legend: An Epilogue★The Pounding Star★


UNCONTROLLED RADIO consists of three artists born in the 1990s from the post-human generation, including Liu Wen-Chi (childish producer of small virus), Yang Jie-Huai (handsome new media DJ and lame joker), and Lu Xiao-Huang (secret sound engineer). After graduating from the National Taiwan University of Arts, they pursued further studies at the Graduate Institute of Transdisciplinary Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA), the TNUA M.F.A. Program in New Media Art, and a dance troupe respectively. Lamenting the artistic mannerism as well as the suffocating and depressive atmosphere in academia, they decided to go into the show business in the form of an idol group. By virtue of their handsomely cute appearances and humorous performance style, they keep telling lame jokes around the world and leave their footprints in places like Tamsui, Mos Burger, Milkshop, Sinseollo, and so forth.

A budding TNUA artist regards UNCONTROLLED RADIO as a new type of virus in the Taiwanese broadcasting business, and highly praises their oeuvre as “grand and magnificent, responsive to epic subjects in art history-narrative, history, time, and image-in a serious manner yet an extremely ridiculous fashion.” They reproduce the dizzy experience in the playground with a playful language, liberating the listeners’ shut ears!