Tseng Po-Hao: The technique of narrative and musical performance

6 episodes in total. (Duration: 20-25 minutes per episode)

As a form of performing arts passed down over centuries and still thrives today, narrative and musical performance is not only a useful skill in the ganghood, but also a means to encrypt and relay messages. Apart from gestures and facial expressions, the most crucial know-how about this art form lies in voice control and textual arrangement. I will share the techniques of narrative and musical performance employed in my own works, including Technique—Human Voice, Rakugo—A Broken Stick of Incense, Creation—The Canal without Cover, Creation—The Truth, and Technique—Stories and the Lower Back Pain.

Tseng Po-Hao

Born in Gangshan Kaoshiung and growing up in Tainan, Po Hao Tseng started studying Chinese classical music from his elementary years. In Highschool became intrigued in western rock music and began to play in rock bands. This was followed by formal training in singing Taiwanese folk songs. As of currently he is studying Nanguan music at the Ming Nan community group. In 2018 he collaborated with Immanuel Dannenbring for his first formal solo music performance and has worked with Hiromichi Sakamoto and Li Ci-Mei as a live soundtrack for the 差事劇團 Assignment Theatre group. In addition, he has performed in several free improv sessions with Suichi Chino, Lin Hui-Chun, Marie Takahashi and will Cao+Gregor Siedl and lee Shih-Yang. He cares about individual histories, unofficial history, the processes of collaged affairs in collective working. He attempts to find a way to attack guerrilla warfare beyond the grand narrative.