Mary Jane Transitional Justice Commission: Ganja FM

2 episodes in total. (Duration: 15-25 minutes per episode)

You might have heard the use of marijuana (cannabis) in cancer treatment. But how do cannabinoids interact with cancer cells exactly? How do cannabinoids work in human body? In addition to THC and CBD, is there any other cannabinoid? How much do we know about the medical cannabis? Starting from the perspective of occidental science and through the “experimentation” and “statistics” it enshrines, the Ganja FM will deepen the listeners’ understanding of a certain “truth” about marijuana. This episode begins with literature review by introducing scientific researches on marijuana since 1975 and the entanglements between cannabinoids and cancer cells.

Mary Jane Transitional Justice Commission

Consisting of members from the fields of biomedicine, sound, and social intervention art, the Mary Jane Transitional Justice Commission is dedicated to exploring pluralistic truths, whereby it can heal the social divisions caused by drug-related stigma. In 2069, medical cannabis and recreational marijuana are both legalized. While cannabis is available at convenience stores, the public impression of it is unlikely to change overnight. Against this background, the Mary Jane Transitional Justice Commission attempts to extend public understanding and imagination of cannabis by examining its past, present, and future.