Labor Film Festival: OOO, Please Take Care of Yourself

3 episodes in total. (Duration: 15-20 minutes per episode)

OOO, Please Take Care of Yourself is a series of radio programme produced by 2019 TILFF. In Each episode, we will review a piece of old news and compare it to the struggles we’re facing nowadays. By recognizing the discrimination around us, we and the workers try to to escape form the hell. 

We have invited curator of 2019 TILFF, Yu-Hsuan CHOU, staff of Awakening Foundation, Siou-Yi LIN, and general secretary of CTTU, Shu-Lun Chen to share their insights related to our topic:    

Ep.1 Pregnancy Discrimination    
Ep.2 Sexual Harassement    
Ep.3 Gender Discrimination in Workplace

Labor Film Festival

Taiwan International Labor Film Festival (TILFF) began in 2011. With the encouragement from Canadian Labor International Film Festival (CLIFF) and DC Labor Fest, Taiwan began its first labor film festival in Taoyuan and spread it to other cities. In 2016, Labor Department of Taipei City Government decided to organize labor film festival to promote the value of labor and union. 

This year, TILFF introduces labor issues with a gender perspective. We want to present the struggles of worker under gender stereotype and segregation, and how workers fight back to break through the gender barriers.  

More about TILFF: