Ilya Selikhov, Joen Szmidt, Shen Sum-Sum: Kurz Kammer Quartett

1 episode in total (around 4 mins.)

A list of vehicle parts being read out by computer voices. Exploring the underlying/internal structure of a Taxi, we tempt to create a mechanical soundscape with the names of actual objects. Listeners are guided through the inner workings of the vehicle itself.

In our next step, we plan to add in recordings of real human voice reading out verbs corresponding to actions connected with the mechanical parts.

Ilya Selikhov

Ilya Selikhov is a Russian audio-visual artist, composer and sound-designer currently based in Berlin. Contemporary media, their technical aspects and limitations are in the focus of his works. By playing with technological restrains of different media, artist attempts in his practices to befog transparency of media representation and therefore reveal their inner structure and illusive lucidity. Ilya Selikhov usually employs a diversity of different audio and video techniques and methods in his experiments.

Joen Szmidt

Joen Szmidt is an electronic music composer and sound artist based in Berlin since 2008. He has written pieces for dance performances, short films and documentaries as well as perfoming pieces under the name of Donau.

Shen Sum-Sum

Sum-Sum is a Taiwanese artist / sound-designer and recordist based in Berlin. While continuing to work on film productions, she also moves onto sound installation and performances. Her interest lies in the imaginations and perceptions which could be evoked by hearing experience, and the symbolic and narrative characters which is naturally carried in sound. Her works mostly deal with the manipulation of spoken words, and hope to seek interpretations and discourses in cultural phenomena and its social and historical aspect through the form of sound art.