Ge Chang-Huei: EdiGenics radio drama 2: Smart is Hope

5 episodes in total. (Duration: 20 minutes per episode)

The second season of EdiGenics follows its consistent spatio-temporal setting of near-future Taiwan, a time when the climate becomes inhospitable and the widening gap of inequality between social classes leads to the growing disparity between rich and poor. “NOLANDOR,” an emerging biomedical company, claims that it can engineer the DNA sequences of human embryos to improve kids’ IQ (known as the IQ+ gene-editing procedure and IQ+ kids), on condition that these kids will have elf-like pointy ears as a phenotype.

Unfortunately, two horrible incidents occurred in the 10th anniversary year of the procedure’s introduction, as the first generation of IQ+ kids become primary school students. More specific, two IQ+ kids’ pointy ears were brutally cut off on their way to school. The sheer brutality of the incidents provoked intense discussions. The public began to cogitate on the necessity of genetic modification for human survival, which has serious repercussions on NOLANDOR’s genetic modification business. As a result, the company collaborates with a private radio station in organizing a special program titled Smart is Hope, promoting the idea that success is no longer an impossible dream for your children. It is a radio call-in show allowing the listeners to share the anecdotes about these IQ+ kids. In addition, the company is going to provide a super discount scheme exclusively for the program’s listeners.

Ge Chang-Huei (Zin Ge)

Born in 1982.Fine art photographer, theater designer, film director, and band player.
She translates the picture to form one kind of intuition and intense impact. Her works present the gloomy and pale color.
She regularly publish works in exhibitions and film festivals. The works contain photographic works, music videos and experiment videos. She is active in portrait photography, and give digital darkroom courses, lectures, and workshops.