Chen Guan-Zhong, Tsai Yi-Yu: Here and Elsewhere

2 episodes in total. (Duration: 15 minutes per episode)

We may sometimes enter an invisible mode when we are alone, ignoring all social rites such as eye contact and conversations of mere formality. Invisible and silent notwithstanding, our ears are attentive to the conversations occurring in different groups. Shuttling among different realms, I’m covered with invisible powder so that no one can see me.

This “quasi-sampling” concept transforms private conversations into public ones. The openness of radio broadcast forces the listeners to intervene in part of others’ lives, and eavesdropping is the only available option. Welcome to the world of “being” XX here and elsewhere.

Chen Guan-Zhong

Chen was born in Yulin county of Taiwan and now is living in Taipei, studying Master of New Media Art at Taipei National University of the Arts. He is an artist and a harsh noise performer. Inspired by the aesthetics of terrorism in the 90s, he started to keep attention on the body movement of the noise performers. His recent artworks are about the relationship of behavior setting through the collision of sound and reality.

Tsai Yi-Yu

Tsai is an experimental video artist. She was born in Chiayi, Taiwan and graduated from the MFA program in New Media Art department of Taipei National University of the Arts.