An Interview with Yan Jun: Living Room Tour

2 episodes in total. (Duration: 15 minutes per episode)

Bejing-based sound artist Yan Jun visited Taiwan in September 2019. Apart from joining the performance No One’s Island delivered by Noise Assembly at the Taipei Arts Festival, he also conducted field research in Taiwan for a week. Jeph and Amy from TheCube Project Space seized this opportunity to interview him. The interview is divided into two episodes. The first episode features Yan’s “living room tour” as his form of performance in recent years, and the second episode discusses why he termed his performance “music/non-music.”

Yan Jun

A musician and poet, lives in Beijing.
He has engaged in performative music, field recording, experimental composition, impromptu music, experimental electronic music, and associated exhibitions. He is the founder of the micro-label “Sub Jam,” a member of the bands FEN and Dr. Tea, as well as a member of the Impromptu Committee.

“I wish I were a field recording.”