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Lab of the Distant Relatives: Edigenics

6 episodes in total. (Duration: 15 minutes per episode)
It is Taiwan of the near future, a time when the gap between social classes, the rich and the poor, is greater than now. Most people use Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Technology to select the best embryos for pregnancy, and edit genetic codes to further “optimize” their offspring. A new biomedical startup company, NOLANDOR, claims that they can engineer the DNA sequences of embryos to increase kids’ IQ. This so-called IQ+ gene editing procedure is technically challenging, expensive, and affordable only to the richest. The procedure makes the kids’ ears pointy like elves. The pointy ears are the only phenotype of IQ+ kids recognizable by sight.


Hong-Kai Wang: Singing is Allowed during Class

5 episodes in total (Duration: 15 minutes per episode.)
Singing is Allowed During Classis a research-based projectwhich seeks to recast “radio”—as a space, a medium and a type of technology— into some kind of classroom. It invites listeners/audience to probe into how listening and singing can come together and generate various modes of studying and knowledge production and dissemination.